Happy National School Counseling Week!

🌟 National School Counseling Week Celebration at Bandera ISD! 🌟
This week, we're taking a moment to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the incredible individuals who play a vital role in our students' lives - our dedicated School Counselors!
This year's National School Counseling Week theme highlights the essential role that school counselors play in helping students develop the academic, social, and emotional skills needed to thrive in today's world.
Join us in recognizing the amazing work of our Bandera ISD School Counselors who go above and beyond to support our students, empower them to achieve their goals, and cultivate a positive and inclusive school community. 🤝🌍
👏 A Round of Applause for Our Counselors:
Alkek Elementary- Victoria Almaraz
Hill Country Elementary- Robyn Langston
Bandera Middle School- Courtney Sippel
Bandera High School- Bonnie Hale & Christie Lobello
Let's celebrate the unwavering commitment and compassion of our Bandera ISD School Counselors during National School Counseling Week!